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Is My Radio's Power Supply Adequate?
David E. Buxton, June 2014

Model Aviation, May 2009
Red Scholefield, The Battery Clinic

"VoltMagic introduces its updated 2R-20: an onboard voltage monitor weighing only 7.3 grams (0.25 ounce)..."

Rotor World, December 2007
Tim DiPeri

"This unit gives a nice constant update of the voltage of the pack.  In addition, the LED voltage range is fully and easily changed."

"Now the peak low voltage detection will be an eye opening bit of knowledge for some of you.  Digital servos can draw lots of current; especially under stress."

"I was having some problems with my Raven going into, I thought, Failsafe.  VoltMagic has a feature that lets you know how many times the reciever went into Failsafe (or glitches if using non PCM equipment)."

"Costing arounf $40 US and weighing about 7 grams, it's very cheap insurance for any of your models"

About the author:  Tim DiPeri placed 5th in F3C at the 2007 US Nationals and is a frequent FAI/F3C competitor.

Model Aviation, September 2007
Red Scholefield, The Battery Clinic

"Flight Insurance, Courtesy of VoltMagic 2R: Is your battery goofing off when you really need it?  VoltMagic will record the lowest voltage during a flight and let you know if you're cutting it too close.  It also does much more."

"At $39.95, this 7.3 gram device has paid for itself by saving just one model from tired battery syndrome."

Model Aviation, March 2006
Red Scholefield, The Battery Clinic

"Onboard Voltage Monitor on Steroids:  I have been a fan of voltage monitoring devices since they became available.  I can't count the number of models that have been saved by these inexpensive safeguards.  The VoltMagic R/C System Monitor, which is available at www.voltmagic.com takes this device to a higher level."


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The ultimate R/C voltage monitor and glitch counter.  Record abnormal low voltages, display the current average voltage, and count glitches or failsafes.


VoltMagic - Don't take off without it!

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