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VoltMagic lets you custom configure the monitor for your setup. There are 20 voltage ranges, Normal & Low PLV Ranges,  plus the choice of glitch or failsafe detection.


The 8 LEDs indicate the AV (Averaged Voltage).

The average is not a simple running average, it's a proprietary algorithm that emphasizes filtering out down spikes in voltage from sudden servo current for a better quality reading. 
Table 1 in the operation guide lists all the voltage ranges, each LED is a 0.1 volt increment.

If LED 1 blinks, it's counting glitches. If LED 5-8 is blinking, it's indicating PLV or OV (Peak Low Voltage or OverVoltage).

If it blinks the same LED that is lit for Averaged Voltage, it blinks off.  Table 2 in the operation guide lists the PLV/OV trigger points.  Table 3 in the operation guide lists the trigger points for the glitch/failsafe counter.

The version with 2 yellow LEDs is depicted.  The 2 red LED version operates similarly, LED 7 being red instead of yellow.

LED 8 AV extra Low

1-2 blinks = PLV extra Low

LED 7 AV very Low 2 blinks = PLV very Low
LED 6 AV Low 1-2 blinks = PLV Low
LED 5 AV Normal 1-2 blinks = PLV near Yellow or OV
LED 4 AV Normal  
LED 3 AV Normal  
LED 2 AV Normal  
LED 1 AV Normal Blink = Glitch (Failsafe) count

At least one LED will always be lit showing AV.  You could have up to three LEDs lit at one time: one showing the AV (any of the LEDs), one blinking to show the PLV or OV (LEDs 5-8), and one blinking the Glitch/Failsafe count (always LED 1).  If the AV is lighting up the same LED that blinks, it will blink off quickly instead of on.


Wait for animation to load

Wait for animation to load

Wait for animation to load

Wait for animation to load

(Refresh the browser if animation stops)


Data Logger feature at power up
pop-up animation (500 kb)

On a dial-up connection it will appear very slow until the download completes.

  Demo Animations

There are multiple ranges covering 4 or 5 cell Ni (NiCd or NiMh), voltage regulators, 6.6 A123-LiFe and 7.4 volt Li (Lithium) batteries. 

For these animations we have selected a 4-cell Ni battery range that has Averaged Voltage scaled from 5.50 to 4.80 volts.

Green LED 1 = 5.5
Green LED 2 = 5.4
Green LED 3 = 5.3
Green LED 4 = 5.2
Green LED 5 = 5.1
Yellow LED 6 = 5.0
Yellow LED 7 = 4.9
Red LED 8 = 4.8

We have also selected Normal Range for the Peak Low Voltage (PLV) for the animations.

Grn LED 5  1 blink = 4.4
Grn LED 5  2 blink = 4.3
Yllw LED 6  1 blink = 4.2
Yllw LED 6  2 blink = 4.1
Yllw LED 7  2 blink = 4.0
Red LED 8  1 blink = 3.9
Red LED 8  2 blink = 3.8

Glitch or Failsafe Count
1 blink = 1 glitch
2 blinks = 2 to 3 glitches
3 blinks = 4 to 7 glitches
and so on.

VoltMagic - Don't take off without it.

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